Hilti Felloship Program (Master)

Das Hilti Fellowship bietet exzellenten Studierenden die Möglichkeit, ein Semester lang Teil eines internationalen Projektteams bei der Hilti AG zu werden und gleichzeitig Vorlesungen und Seminare im Masterstudiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Universität Liechtenstein zu besuchen.


Hilti PhD Program

The University of Liechtenstein and Hilti developed a joint PhD program that provides a unique opportunity for students to drive their academic ambitions while setting a cornerstrone for a professional career. Students in the program will work on innovative and impactful projects in Hilti, from which they will be able to draw valuable inputs for their research. The program is designed to challenge and support the students to grow their professional talents and to succeed in completing the doctorate requirements. MSc graduates that are fulfilling the general admission criteria for a PhD program at the University of Liechtenstein and that are interested in building a foundation for a career in Hilti.


Hilti Global IT Competition (ITC)

The annual Hilti Global IT Competition (ITC) provides a platform for young talent to take on exciting challenges in the construction industry. We encourage undergraduate and postgraduate students worldwide to participate – not only to showcase their innovative ideas and compete with other participants, but also to use this springboard for a successful career.


Lijo Johny
“I’ve been working with Hilti since 2017, and I’m fortunate to be part of the PhD program with the university. This helped me update myself with the latest litera-ture and contribute back to the body of knowledge. My research project is also application-oriented, and hence it adds value to Hilti. So overall, I’m grateful for this opportunity.”
Anubhav Bhardwaj
“Joining Hilit’s IT competition in 2016 and working in four different countries in the last four years gives a context to extensive opportunities at Hilti. The new Ph.D. program in collaboration between Hilti and the University of Liechtenstein is one of a kind, and I am fortunate to be part of this in the inaugurating year. “
Amandine Herbé
“The excellent collaboration between Hilti and the University of Liechtenstein enables me to ally academia and business practice daily. I couldn’t imagine a bet-ter way to bring academic research into my projects in Hilti Global IT. In parallel, my work projects, experiences, and network as an IT Analyst for Supply Chain management feed my PhD research with real-world practitioners’ challenges and case studies. I especially enjoy the full support from both sides and the will-ingness to develop innovative solutions and solve concrete problems. “